Strategic plans for restoration, protection & eco tourism promotion in natura 2000 sites which devastated by natural disasters

The project area includes sites that have been affected by fire and is part of the European Network «Natura 2000». More specific these areas are: the area of Kaiafas, the western and northeastern coasts of Zakynthos island, the area of Kotychi – Strofylia, Torre Guaceto and the area of Litorale Brindisino.

At the main project objectives are the restoration, protection and enhancement of protected areas, by combining these integrated management and encouragement of cultural and social cohesion. Priorities of the project are to improve the spirit of cooperation between Greece- Italy, finding common solutions for the prevention of natural risks, developing policies to restore and protect ecosystems, promote eco-tourism, natural and cultural resources. Finally, the project aims to enhance environmental, social and cultural cohesion.


The areas of Kaiafa, the western and northeastern coasts of the Zakynthos island and the area of Kotychi Strofyllia in Greece.


The areas of Torre Guaceto and the area of Litorale Brindisino in different parts of Italy




Torre Guaceto

TEI of Ionian Islands

Municipality of Ostuni

University of Salento