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Action 3.1 Municipality of Ostuni

Post-fire hydrological–ecological evaluation Pdf File[...]

Action 3.1 University of Salento

In this study the retrospective analyses have been used because they are useful to assess the past trajectory of a system, to identify the possible fires effect, and to evaluate the main effects of these changes on ES (Zaccarelli et[...]

Action 3.1 TEI of Ionian Islands

In the frame of the present project and in particular for the project’s actions 3.1 , 3.2, 3.3 & 4.1, TEI of Ionian Islands -Department of Environmental Technology and Ecology has contracted with the Company NCC Ltd. (08/06/2012), in order to undertake[...]

Action 3.1 Development Company of WGR

Action 3.1 – Post-fire hydrological–ecological evaluation Hydrological Study Kaiafas, Pdf file Evaluation Conservation Study Kaiafas, Pdf file Summary EN, Pdf file  Evaluation of post fire ecological impacts Achaia, Pdf file Study for the impovement & rehabilitation of forest and wetland Achaia,[...]