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Action 3.2 Development Company of WGR

Action 3.2 – Management plan for Ilia’s site Management plan Kaiafas, Pdf file    Summary EN, Pdf file  Management plan Achaia, Pdf file [...]

Action 3.2 Municipality of Ostuni

Action 3.2 – Management plan for Ostuni’s site Management Plan, Pdf File[...]

Action 3.2 University of Salento

The study, analysis and direction activity programmed should provide an instrument for proper planning and management of forest and wetland habitats in the National Natural Reserve of Torre Guaceto. In particular, after analyzing the evolutionary dynamics of vegetation and identified[...]

Action 3.2 TEI of Ionian Islands

In the frame of the present project and in particular for the project’s actions 3.1 , 3.2, 3.3 & 4.1, TEI of Ionian Islands -Department of Environmental Technology and Ecology has contracted with the Company NCC Ltd. (08/06/2012), in order to undertake[...]