Development Enterprise of Achaia Region of Western Greece (NEA)

Development Enterprise of Achaia Region of Western Greece (NEA)


NEA’s organisational structure consists of 1 directorate with 4 sectors, as follows: the Programmes Sector, the Technical Works Sector, Financial Management Sector and the SpecialιzedSupport sector.

The main purpose of the Enterprise is the planning, preparation and application of development activities aiming at the economic, social and cultural, balanced and sustainable development of Achaia and of the broader area of Western Greece. Within 14 years of operation, NEA has implemented a number of national and European programs, covering a wide range of themes and activities, as indicated below:

European and National programmes and initiatives

§  Project management (administrative & financial)

§  Informing about grants, calls for proposals and calls for tenders the social and developmental stakeholders of Western Greece region

§  Elaboration and promotion of proposals

§  Creation of national and transnational consortiums

§  Dissemination of projects’ results


§  Promotion of the entrepreneurship to schools and the youth

§  Elaboration of studies

§  Participation to Fairs and Exhibitions

§  Organization of public and promotional events

§  Consulting services for business modernization and re-engineering

§  Information services about available programmes, grants and subsidiaries.

§  Consulting services for new investments, innovation, production methods and advanced technologies

§  Production of guides and catalogs (enterprises catalog, foreign trade guide, products directory, etc.)

 Employment – Local Labour Market

§  Detection, monitoring, analyses and anticipation of the trends of the local economy and labour market.

§  Statistical analysis and comparative studies of local employment data in correlation with national and European data.

§  Documentation of data for generating policies in the fields of employment and vocational training.

§  Promotion of new forms of labour (like teleworking, e-commerce etc.)

Support of Western Greece Region

§  Technical and scientific support for generating policies

§  Technical and scientific support for planning and implementing projects and public works

§  Promotion of the 3 prefectures internally and abroad

§  Organizing public events, conferences and seminars

§  Elaboration of studies

§  Elaboration of sectorial and multi-sectorial Business Plans

§  Promotion of the Region’s work to the public, the community, stakeholders and the media.


§  Promotion and support of tourism investments and the special characteristics of the Region

§  Development of alternative tourism infrastructure

§  Support of new forms of tourism

§  Participation in tourism fairs and exhibitions.

§  Production of informational leaflets for travellers and visitors.

§  Development of electronic tools and websites for the promotion of the sights and tourist business of the region


§  Environmental studies and assessments

§  Environmental awareness events

§  Environmental protection and management of ecosystems, mountains and coasts.

§  Development of Geographical Information System

The organisational structure is flexible, in order to adjust to current priorities and to focus on specific operational targets. To achieve its goals, NEA relies mainly on its experienced and skilled personnel. The staff of ΝEA is composed of specialized staff who provides theirservices to the Enterprise. Additionally, NEA maintains direct collaboration with a team of external associates, specialized in various subjects.

According to the Law N.3852/2010 “New Architecture of Local Government and Decentralized Government-Kallikrates Programme”, the Regional Council of Western Greece Region decided the dissolution of NEA (Decision No. 127/22-5-2013). 

Taking into account the aforementioned legislation and relative decisions, the Board of Directors of NEA has decided with the decision 25/28-06-2013, the transfer of Project NATPRO along with the rights and obligations associated with this project, to Developemnt Company of Western Greece Region (Olympiaki S.A.).

Additionally, the Board of Directors of Developemnt Company of Western Greece Region with decision 23.8/15-7-2013 decided the acceptance of Project NATPRO along with the rights and obligations associated with this project, from NEA. The dissolution of NEA was published in the Official Government Gazette No. 1698Β/10-07-13.

From that date all pending activities of NEA were under the responsibility of Developemnt Company of Western Greece Region.