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University of Salento

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The University of Salento is a public institution with the aim of higher education and scientific and technological research. The Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Technologies (DiSTeBA) of the University of Salento has been established on 14 January 1987 and it promotes and coordinates works in zoology, botany, biomedicine, biotechnology, ecology, geology and chemistry fields.

The DiSTeBA is made up of over 100 structured (teachers and technicians) and about 60 researchers in various types of contract. The DiSTeBA is part of some national and European consortia, Centers of National Competence, Networks of Public Research Laboratories and European network of excellence. Many research units have participated in important international research programs (EU projects) and national (Progetto Antartide, PRIN, PON). In alliance with local authorities (Province, Region, Municipality) and national authorities (The Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, Ministry of Environment, Italian National Research Institution, etc.) the DiSTeBA is also involved into the achievement of projects focused on the environmental restoration and the productive improvement of the territory, using also Community resources (Life projects, Interreg projects, etc.).